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A meeting for 1000 sets of snookball table ADS-SN02 project in China.


 March 28,2017.
9:50 AM.
CUZU Group leader meeting.
Owner Mr.Andy Pan,
General manager Mr.Lee
Manager Mr.Xing.
Director Mr.Lee and Zhang.

The meeting today is about the project of 1000 sets of higher snookball table plans in China.
the plan including snookball table renting,selling,and 1,000 locations selecting,organize tournament from the snookball table spots.

Firestly,we need to have a business plan.and get capital ready for snookball project Advertisement.
Secondly,enlist and select 1,000 locaton for tables. each location need to pay the money as deposit of the table for one year.
Third,we will find a platform like a famous TV to hold the tournament. the players can be billiards player,soccer players and anyothers who like the new game.
the winner will gain a very big bonus.

This plan will help the Group for marketing and business extending firstly in China,and then to the whole world.
It surely will help Chinese people understand snookball game well,and to understand soccer game well,also very good for body building,relexing and team work.

Our group once named the snookball game :the Hope of Chinese soccer game.

There are 3 main desings of snookball tables
1:ADS-SN01 :the lower snookball table, good for outdoor event,which for moving around.
2;ADS-SN02; the higher snookball table,good for indoor use,like club,bar ,shopping mall.
3,ADS-SN03,the inflatable soccer field,good for family use,and for kids playing.