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How to maintain inflatable castle


Inflatable castle is a castle appearance shape inflatable play equipment. This is a kiddy rides. Inflatable castles has a lot of lovely shape, which plays an important decorative role. Cute appearance attracted the attention of many children.
Inflatable castle maintenance:
1, In order to ensure the normal service life of a bouncy castle, cannot be overloaded when kids are playing. Players should be limited. It is recommended for every 3 square to accommodate a child.
2, Inflatable castle have a lot of lovely shape, which plays an important decorative role. Operators should prevent children at play to pull the decorative moulding, prevent a shape from being damaged.
3,You should pay attention to check whether they has sharp object to prevent children from using sharp objects such as punctured castle.
4, If a castle leakage, Smear glue in breakage and alternate materials. After about 5 minutes until the glue sticky, it will alternate materials and loopholes in place for bonding, the proper conduct squeezing action, wait a few minutes after the vulnerability can be a good complement.
5, If you come across vast areas of the Castle will leak, rupture, and so on, you should contact the manufacturer for professional after-sale maintenance, will not be patched to avoid cause secondary damage to the Castle.