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New products soccer golf and soccer bowling


April 26,2017.
11:00 AM.
CUZU Group leader meeting.
Owner Mr.Andy Pan,
General manager Mr.Lee
Manager Mr.Xing.
Director Mr.Lee and Zhang.

We have good news for you, the CUZU soccer golf and soccer bowling have been made.
1.Half soccer, half golf and the best thing you’ll see today.

The game is called CUZU golf and As you’d imagine, CUZU golf combines the basic principles of golf, but replaces some of the equipment particulars with the players’ legs and a soccer ball.

2.CUZU bowling
Arrange bowling in a triangle on a level area of ground. Each player gets to kick a soccer ball to try to knock over the items. If a player knocks over all the items, the player who knocks over the most items wins!

There are 3 main desings of snookball tables
1:ADS-SN01 :the lower snookball table, good for outdoor event,which for moving around.
2;ADS-SN02; the higher snookball table,good for indoor use,like club,bar ,shopping mall.
3,ADS-SN03,the inflatable soccer field,good for family use,and for kids playing.