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Custom-built playing snookball table


May 10,2017.
11:00 AM.
CUZU Group leader meeting.
Owner Mr.Andy Pan,
General manager Mr.Lee
Manager Mr.Xing.
Director Mr.Lee and Zhang.

This custom-built playing ground looks just like a real billiards table but several times larger! Instead of hitting plastic balls with a stick, players kick colorful soccer balls into the table's pockets. Kids & adults all love playing the classic game of "snooker ball" this way--It'll definitely keep you on your toes (pun intended) because some of the aiming strategies that work well in a standard game of billiards...may wind up backfiring in a game of soccer billiards!
Known and played around the world as "Snookball," this larger-than-life game has proven to be fun for all ages!

There are 3 main desings of snookball tables
1:ADS-SN01 :the lower snookball table, good for outdoor event,which for moving around.
2;ADS-SN02; the higher snookball table,good for indoor use,like club,bar ,shopping mall.
3,ADS-SN03,the inflatable soccer field,good for family use,and for kids playing.