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The game of 9 snookball


May 19,2017.
03:00 PM.
CUZU Group leader meeting.
Owner Mr.Andy Pan,
General manager Mr.Lee
Manager Mr.Xing.
Director Mr.Lee and Zhang.

The game of 9 is won by pocketing the 9 ball in several rounds of games, by pocketing the 9 ball each time. However, to do so, the player must always touch the lowest numbered ball with the white ball. Unlike the game of 8, balls don't need to be pocketed in any numerical order! A player continues playing as long as each strike pockets a ball and no foul was committed, or wins by pocketing the 9 ball.

When the following faults are committed, the opponent can play 2 times if he/she doesn’t commit an offense in the first attempt:
   touch a ball without the lowest number
   the white ball fails to touch a ball
If the white ball is pocketed, the opponent can place it anywhere in the next round.
Balls pocketed during a fault are not placed back onto the table.

There are 3 main desings of snookball tables
1:ADS-SN01 :the lower snookball table, good for outdoor event,which for moving around.
2;ADS-SN02; the higher snookball table,good for indoor use,like club,bar ,shopping mall.
3,ADS-SN03,the inflatable soccer field,good for family use,and for kids playing.